We Are Black History

This year, just as in every year, it’s so hard to see another powerful Black History Month come to a close. February is the shortest month in the year, and truthfully, it felt even shorter during the pandemic. It dawned on me that the month can be expanded and reflected on throughout the year, showing through cultural pride and values, and continued self care and gratitude for the progress made, and the energy to continue to hope and work for true equity and freedom. Unity Therapy, LLC chooses to focus on the social and emotional consequences of living as a black person with certain realities, and how to heal from very painful and generationally traumatic experiences.

As a first generation American woman serving a largely African American and Caribbean American clientele, Unity has committed to the upliftment and encouragement of oppressed people, and being sensitive to their unique needs. We honor ourselves by healing those who look like us, and also allies who come seeking support, affirmation, and educational resources. When we make our mental health and spiritual wellness a priority, life can open up with clarity, and one can feel a sense of self worth and pride. There is so much to gain from having almost 30 days’ worth of reminders about the power in heritage and history, bu

t the good news is that it never stops there. Black History is a 365-day-a-year experience, and we celebrate the beauty and the innovation of such a creative and resourceful people, with infinite diversity and undeniable and relentless triumphs over adversity.

There is a lot of work to be done, and we are glad to contribute using our strengths and passions #fortheculture. How can we help you fulfill yours?

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