Ending Bad Habits to Find Happiness

Bless yourself with soulful happiness.

We can also end some habits to help us feel happier. Unhealthy coping strategies such as stress eating, or eating too little, can have long term effects on our physical health. Similarly, turning to drugs or alcohol without giving yourself time to process and recover from stressful events can become problematic very quickly, especially when we already feel anxiety or emotionally injured by life events or our own negative thinking patterns.

I personally find that deep breathing often, laughing light-heartedly and loudly, hula hooping to old school music, and gardening truly light me up inside. Writing and drawing (or learning to draw on Youtube) also relax me and improve my mood, while improving my art and expressive skills. I take emotional pain and turn negatives into positives-- I’ve had a lot of practice.

No matter your circumstances, a new day provides opportunities to add big chunks and small sprinkles of happiness to your life in a way that enriches you. Staying open to the idea that the world isn’t all good, or all bad, can be helpful. Complaining less, and laughing more is a great way to steer you in a more positive direction. Reach out for help if you need therapeutic support or help meeting your basic needs. The stigma against people dealing with mental stress and emotional disorder is dissipating, and people of all backgrounds are out there learning how to heal themselves in this cold world. Bless yourself with soulful happiness through healthy optimism, balance, and ways to strengthen yourself internally through self love practices that excite and renew your outlook on everyday things: the juiciness of green grapes, the sparkle of soft sunshine, the warmth of a pet or a favorite person. Our collective joy is important and, thankfully, not impossible.

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